Peyton is a vivacious 4-year old who loves playing with her dog Otis, driving her toy jeep in her backyard, swimming, and playing with Playdoh.

When Peyton was 2 years old she came down with a cold that just wouldn’t go away. There wasn’t anything abnormal, but after 2 weeks, her mom took her to the ER. That same day, they did a MRI to find out if she had a possible brain tumor.

They were immediately whisked away for a 2-hour ambulance ride to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) and Peyton received emergency surgery afterwards. She was diagnosed with Anaplastic Ependymoma Grade 3. Peyton received 33 rounds of radiation and was enrolled in a clinical trial that included chemotherapy. She completed 2 out of the 4 rounds of chemotherapy before her body had a reaction to the chemo that placed her in the hospital for more than 40 days. At that point, she was forced to end the clinical trial.

Peyton remained stable after this until two days before Christmas 2015 when her mom brought her to their local ER. The doctors there misdiagnosed her and told her mom it was just constipation. Peyton’s mom pressed and just knew something wasn’t right, so she drove up to CHOA for a MRI. That is when they found out the news that a new tumor had developed on her spine.

Peyton received emergency surgery two days after Christmas and began another 33 rounds of radiation. She started another clinical trial and in July 2016 it appeared that the trial was not working as two new spots were found on her spine. She received 5 rounds of quick radiation targeted towards those tumors and was pulled from that trial. Peyton then began her third clinical trial that was paired with 30 rounds of radiation. Even though her most recent MRI still showed the two new spots on her spine, her family heard for the first time that the other tumors had shrunk. The two new spots have been targeted with radiation and everything else has remained stable.

Peyton’s family is overjoyed that this clinical trial has provided some shrinkage and stability. They are taking things one day at a time and have enjoyed spending time together. Despite everything that Peyton has been through, she remains a spunky young girl with an passion for life.

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